PeaceConcerts: Avi Adir & Atmani Blok

PeaceConcerts organizes concerts at special locations, with musicians who mainly focus on mystical, devotional, meditative and artistic music from all cultures.

Together with the amazing multi-instrumentalist Avi Adir & Atmani created music for meditation and relaxation. Avi’s magical flute tones and mystical bouzouki play together well with Atmani’s synth arrangements.

Avi Adir:

Having seen and traveled the world Avi Adir has been inspired by its vibration. Loosened from identification to any nation or country, his music arises from the core, an ancient Sufi spirit blends into a divine connection with a deep emotional expression. His forte is to create a genuine experience sharing a fusion of composition and improvisation at the same time. Conducting into a mystical sphere, a gateway opens and grants to exit the mind entering the path of the soul and the heart. Avi Adir’s majestic usage of authentic voice emphasizes his sensitive assembly. He carries the listener into a celestial realm. Connecting middle-east acoustics far over to the classical east and ancient western roots onwards to the pure channel of existence. His experience as a musician over decades invites the audience into a promising concert of holistic entertainment.

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Aanvang: Zaterdag 27 mei, 20:00 uur (deur open 19:30)
Organisatie: PeaceConcerts
Locatie: Universel Mural Hassil
Aanmelden: Koop hier je tickets.
Kosten: voorverkoop tot 15 feb. € 22,50 , daarna € 25,- ,aan de deur € 30,-