PeaceConcerts: Fralalai

PeaceConcerts organizes concerts at special locations, with musicians who mainly focus on mystical, devotional, meditative and artistic music from all cultures.

Fralalai is a Harpist, Singer and Artist who uses music as a means to awaken the sacred essence that is within and around us. Her music has the spellbinding enchantment of a fairytale and an emotional depth that reaches the heart. Through the shimmering strings of her harps, the earthy beat of her drum, and the angelic and deep tones of her voice, she weaves melodies that awaken archaic memories and a profound timeless grace. Her lyrics are invocations made of existing languages and intuitive sound-words that invite us to surrender into the emotion, opening realms between the worldly and the otherworldly. She draws her inspiration from Nature, and from the wisdom kept in ancient legends and places. Like a Bard of the past, she feels music as a channeling of the “Awen”: a transmission of divine inspiration and wisdom.

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Aanvang: Zondag 23 april, 20:00 uur (deur open 19:30)
Organisatie: PeaceConcerts
Locatie: Universel Mural Hassil
Aanmelden: Koop hier je tickets.
Kosten: voorverkoop tot 15 feb. € 22,50 , daarna € 25,- ,aan de deur € 30,-