Peace Concerts: The Healing Dance met Henk van Glabbeek & Yvonne Vruggink

Henk van Glabbeek alias One World Jam has been involved in the mystical side of music since 1980 when he entered the life of a Hindu monk. During fifteen years he was deeply involved in singing bhajans and mantra meditation. As founder of the One World Jam foundation he encountered many musicians from all over the world and embraced many beautiful ethnic instruments from ancient spiritual cultures. These instruments he combines with modern beats and soundscapes. Since many years he has been performing on many events related to deepening the awareness.

Yvonne Vruggink is a multi-instrumentalist and singer with also a long experience time in performing with her instruments and angelic voice at soundhealing concerts and other ceremonies.

Yvonne and Henk already played together at different ceremonies of soundhealing.

The Healing Dance is a journey in music and dance to facilitate the dancer to establish a deep connection with the inner world. The music is a combination of beautiful harmonic beats and soundscapes with sensitive vocals and deep resonances of ethnic wind and string instruments. The music is composed in such a way that it brings the stars and earth together. It will resonate in all the chakra’s. The flow will invite the dancer to intensify the dance in subtle but deep manner and come to meditative state of dance. This all gives a healing experience.

To prepare the dancers for the journey Henk will start with a short chakra journey on music and some dance exercises to connect with the chakra’s for about 15 minutes or so. After that The Healing Dance journey will continue in free dance and end in a soundhealing meditation. The whole session will take about two hours.

One Love

Door open 19.30 u, start concert 20.00.
Tickets online € 25 + 1,16 Chipta service costs.
At the door € 30.

Aanvang: Zaterdag 8 oktober, 20:00 – 22:00 uur, inloop 19:30
Organisatie: Peace Concerts
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Kosten: voorverkoop € 25,- Aan de deur € 30,-
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