Help make the Universel energy-neutral

The Universel is for all who feel inspired by the message of love, harmony and beauty. A message that is even more important than ever in this time of polarization. The Universel is the perfect place to spread this universal message. That’s why we want to be open much more often than before. In order to make that possible, the heating needs to be energy-neutral, with solar cells on the roof and a completely new heating system. It is of great importance for the future of the Universel and of course also for the climate. We hope for the support of everyone who carries the Universel in his or her heart: ALL Sufis and hopefully many others as well.

Support the Universel with a most appreciated gift!

Last year we celebrated 100 years of “Murad Hassil” and the opening of the Universel 50 years ago. This year we focus on preparing the Universel for the next 50 years. Energy-neutral heating for the Universel is a necessity, not only for its own future but also for the climate and the future of our planet. Please join in and ensure that we can continue to spread the Sufi message of love, harmony and beauty. Your support really does matter.

Energy is our largest expense which will only increase further in the coming years. The goal is to heat the Universel completely in a sustainable way. We want to open the Universel far more often than now and that is only possible if our heating system is completely energy-neutral. This needs a huge investment. So, we hope for the support of each and every one of us, who hold the Universel deep in our hearts: ALL Sufis worldwide. Please join! Together we can make it happen!

We hope for your support; we are only able to make this unique place sustainable if indeed everyone participates. Luckily, participating is very easy! Go to the right side of this page, determine your gift, click on NEXT, enter your details and confirm the gift with your bank card like any online banking. Couldn’t be easier. You can also make a bank transfer yourself. We would appreciate it if you let us know so that we can thank you. Please send an email to Thank you in advance!

Consider also the Universel in your will

You can make a difference by naming the Universel ‘Murad Hassil’ Foundation as an heir in your will or through a bequest. By doing so, you structurally help to secure the future of the Universel. This requires an appointment with a notary. He/she will discuss your wishes with you and ensure that your estate is arranged as you wish. You can also talk to one of our board members. Elmer Koole, chair of the board, will certainly make time to talk with you. You can send an email to him at:

We are grateful in advance if you would consider remembering the Universel in your will.

Universal ‘Murad Hassil’ Future Fund

Our task as board and as Sufis is to ensure that the Universel will still be there 100 years from now. In order to realize that dream, a special fund has been started to ensure the future of the Universel together with all Sufis who want to contribute. This fund has a separate account number with Triodos Bank: NL05 TRIO 0320 3849 34 – BIC: TRIONL2U

Help ensure the future of the Universel. The Universal Future Fund is specifically intended for this purpose.

Policy plan

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Board members
  • Elmer Koole, Chairman and PR
  • Frans van Roosmalen, Secretary
  • Jolanda Verweij, Treasurer
  • Frank van Leer, communication and fundraising
  • Joop Moerenburg
  • Ricardo van Mildert
  • Meindert Jan de Vries
Bank account

IBAN number: NL55 ABNA 0475 9736 23          –          BIC/SWIFT: ABNANL2A

Account holder: Stichting Universel Murad Hassil

Address of account holder: Zuidduinseweg 5-7, 2225 JS, Katwijk, The Netherlands

BANK name: ABN-AMRO  Address of bank: ABN AMRO N.V., Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands