The Universel

Soefi centre and place for contemplation

A landmark from land and a beacon from sea

A very special place for deepening and meditation.
Unique location for conferences about spirituality, nature and society. Highly suitable for concerts.
After consultation also available as a location for a religious or spiritually inspired wedding ceremony or memorial meeting.


Love, harmony and beauty are central to Universal Sufism. We call this present-day form of Sufism universal because it honours the mystical core of all religions as a source of inspiration. It is religion, philosophy, psychology and much more: it is food for the soul.


The Universel is a meeting place for everyone who longs for love, harmony and beauty. Your are most welcome to attend universal worship services.
It is also possible to hire the Universel for an activity that fits the atmosphere of this special place.


The Universel is used for all kind of activities. sufi activities, but also activities that match the atmosphere of the Universel.

These activities include musical performances, spiritual meetings, art and public worship services.

Activities are in Dutch unless indicated otherwise.

Celebration 100 years ‘Murad Hassil’ September 25, 2022

Agenda (selection)