Sufi Element Ritual

The Sufi Element Ritual of Hazrat Inayat Khan is inspired by ancient, sacred Zoroastrian Dances, which were choreographed with characteristic colours, tones and stages inherent in each of the five elements. This sacred Dance offers a mystical experience dedicated to the elements, in which one first attunes oneself to the elements, and then invokes guidance from the influence of their vibrations.

The wise have given lessons to the world in different forms suited to the evolution of the people at a particular time, and the first and most original form of education that the wise gave to the world was symbolical. This method of teaching has been valued in all ages, and will always have its importance. That is not beauty which is not veiled. In the veiling and unveiling of beauty is the purpose of life. Beauty is that which is always out of reach. You see it and you do not see it. You touch it and you cannot touch it. It is seen and yet veiled; it is known and yet unknown. And therefore words are often inadequate to express the beauty of Truth. Therefore symbolism is adopted by the wise.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

When: Saturday 16 October, 13.45 (walk-in), 14:00 (start) – 17.30 hrs
Organisation: Sufi Movement
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