Vinyasa Yoga

Are you flowing along?

My yoga classes offer you more than poses and technical explanations.

I want to inspire you, with my energy and love for life, to explore and push your own physical and mental boundaries.

Energy, balance, focus, flexibility and strength is what then arises.

And freedom and connection then emerge naturally.

A happy coincidence.


My flow class is a dynamic vinyasa yoga class, which is suitable for all levels.

The class consists of a series of postures, through which we move in a fluid way to the rhythm of the breath. The exercises thus flow into each other, as it were.

In the lesson I will use kramas, different levels within an attitude, so that everyone can find depth at his/her own level.

There is room to challenge yourself, to find your physical and metal limits, whereby respect for yourself and body is always the starting point.

After the practice there is tea and therefore room to meet each other.

I look forward to you!

Start: Every Monday and Wednesday from 19:15 until 20:30 (walk-in 19:00)
Organisation: Serendipity Yoga – Marielle Ravensbergen
Location: Universel Murad Hassil
Sigh-up: Marielle Ravensbergen
Costs: individual lesson € 15,- / 4 lessons € 50,- / 5x Strippenkaart € 67,50 / 10x Strippenkaart € 125,- (includes tea after)